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Representing Owners, Contractors and Suppliers

Midland Michigan Construction Lawyer

Construction lawyer W. Jay Brown represents owners, contractors, suppliers, and subcontractors in construction disputes. Brown Law PLC’s construction law practice includes both commercial and residential construction matters. As there are many specialized laws that apply to construction disputes, Mr. Brown believes it is essential that clients with construction issues to hire a construction lawyer who is experienced in such matters.

Brown Law PLC’s construction law services include:

  • Litigation of all construction matters
  • Drafting construction contracts
  • Drafting and filing construction lien related documents
  • Advising clients regarding construction lien issues
  • Representing owners who have had faulty construction or where a builder has abandoned the project
  • Drafting warranties and other necessary documents
  • Resolving payment disputes including actions to enforce construction liens, against construction bonds, and for violations of the Builders Trust Fund Act
  • Resolving disputes arising out of construction projects

Brown Law PLC handles construction law matters throughout Mid-Michigan, including Midland, Bay City, Gladwin, Saginaw, Clare, Mt. Pleasant and all surrounding counties and communities.

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