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Business attorney W. Jay Brown’s largest cases and most decisive victories have been in the business law area. Mr. Brown describes his business  litigation practice as “chasing bad guys.” Whether it is finding the opposing party’s Achilles heel or convincing the opposing party that he is not going to stop until he finds the “smoking gun,” Brown Law PLC does the hard work necessary to obtain the most positive result for its clients.

Mr. Brown also provides general business counsel for numerous businesses and approaches his business clients as a partner in success. He is optimistic by nature and believes that in most instances, where there is a will, there is a way. Mr. Brown is fond of asking his clients “what do you want the result to be?” Once a desired outcome is identified, Mr. Brown helps clients plan out the best path to provide the avenue for succeeding.

Business lawyer W. Jay Brown’s services include the following:

  • Resolving issues between employers and employees related to non-competition agreements, sales commission disputes, and breaches of contract.
  • Drafting documents to form and organize businesses, governing businesses, and selling or otherwise ending a business
  • Advising businesses and individuals regarding the formation and termination of business relationships.
  • Resolving disputes between business owners including cases involving breaches of fiduciary duty, shareholder oppression, and for dissolution of the business.
  • Resolving disputes arising out of the purchase or sale of businesses.
  • Assisting businesses in recovering assets converted or embezzled from the business.
  • Resolving franchise disputes.

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Midland business lawyer W. Jay Brown represents business clients in Midland, Bay City, Saginaw, Gladwin, Mt. Pleasant, Clare and all surrounding communities.

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