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Midland Michigan Commercial Lawyer

Commercial law attorney W. Jay Brown handles a wide variety of commercial law matters. Commercial law is regulated by specialized statutes and a strong knowledge of the law is essential to a successful commercial law practice. Resolution of many commercial disputes require a “carrot and stick” structure to settlements allowing a fair opportunity to resolve the matter but with enough of a penalty to compel the opposing party to live up to promises made. Commercial lawyer W. Jay Brown’s strong knowledge of commercial law and vast experience in successfully resolving commercial disputes has benefited many clients.

Brown Law PLC’s commercial law services include the following:

  • Drafting of warranties and warranty limitations
  • Drafting of credit applications, guaranties, and other documents to increase client success in collecting amounts owed
  • Mortgage and land contract foreclosures
  • Drafting of loan and finance documents
  • Collecting debts owed to businesses and individuals
  • Resolving sales dispute actions arising under the Uniform Commercial Code including warranty disputes, revocations of acceptance, and financial disputes
  • Representing secured creditors to obtain collateral securing a debt
  • Representation of creditors in bankruptcy including actions objecting to discharge and adversary proceedings for non-dischargeability
  • Representation of financial institutions
Commercial law attorney W. Jay Brown handles commercial law matters in Midland, Saginaw, Bay City, Gladwin, Mt.Pleasant, Clare and surrounding areas

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