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How does Brown Law PLC obtain results for clients?

Through hard work. The attorneys of Brown Law PLC believe clients obtain the best results by having an attorney that is prepared to try a case if necessary and thereby negotiating from a position of strength. W. Jay Brown credits his success in obtaining his most significant settlements to convincing the opposition that he will not stop until he finds all of the smoking guns. W. Jay Brown believes it is essential to fully learn about a case and routinely visits the sites of real property disputes and the businesses of his clients. By fully learning about the dispute, successful solutions appear and strategies develop to get from point “A” to point “B” as efficiently and as successfully as possible.

What is meant by a “21st century law office?”

A 21st century law office is a new type of practice where every aspect of the practice of law is examined and redesigned to provide effective and efficient service to clients. It is characterized as having strong case management systems that effectively create paperless client files where information is safely stored and easily accessible. A 21st century law office relies upon email and electronic filing to keep clients apprised of developments within their case. Paper files are kept to a minimum in a 21st century office as documents are routinely scanned and stored electronically.

If it is all electronic, how are client files safeguarded?

Security of client files is a top priority of Brown Law PLC. Not only are all files backed up using external hard drives, the information is also continuously backed up off-site via the internet in safe and secure servers.

How does a 21st century law practice benefit clients?

The short answer is greater value in highly competitive rates and other fees. Brown Law PLC is able to pass on significant savings to its clients. In a difficult economy where every dollar is important, Brown Law PLC believes it is important for clients to get the most out of their legal services dollars. Customer service is enhanced as technology makes Brown Law PLC attorneys highly accessible to clients via phone and email.

Is there a fee for an initial consultation?

Initial consultations are intended to allow both yourself and the law firm the opportunity to decide whether to enter into an attorney-client relationship. As a rule, the initial telephone consultation is not charged. Once a phone call has established that there is a possibility of representation, clients will be advised whether they will be charged for further office consultations.

How should potential clients make contact?

Clients should make their initial contact one of two ways – either by phone or by email. If a client calls, their first contact is usually through Amber Van Pelt who will obtain basic information. If a potential client is not able to talk directly with Brown Law, it is best to leave a short voice mail with a brief description of the issue and a telephone number where you can be reached. If by email, please include the same information. It is also helpful if the names of the opposing parties are given so that a conflict of interest check may be completed prior to speaking with you. 

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